I answered call... heard a 'ping'. Was my phone compromised?

I answered call from unknown source. After a few seconds heard a 'ping'. Was my phone compromised?

If possibly yes, How can I determine if it was?

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Re: I answered call... heard a 'ping'. Was my phone compromised?
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sandollar, I know from experience how much of a nuisance getting unwanted calls can be. I welcome the opportunity to address your inquiry. Typically, these type of calls do not compromise your phone, but they can serve as verification with the calling source that the number is a valid one. There are a few different options in which to identify or block these types of calls. We do provide the following Spam controls to help to restrict calls from those who've already spam called you as shown here: http://spr.ly/6581DVwi3. You can also file a complaint with the FTC for these type of calls using the following link:  http://spr.ly/6584DVwiu


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