Irritated with Family Base

So, I have Family base, and am the ACCOUNT HOLDER / PARENT on the plan.....  TI see nothing in the settings on Data restrictions, for myself, AND have them disabled for the other device on the plan..... so WHY am I getting messages that MY data usage is at 75.....???  Its am UNLIMITED plan... AND I AM THE PARENT!

All I can say is..... [removed]

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Re: Irritated with Family Base
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Could you have used 75% of your hotspot data?

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Re: Irritated with Family Base
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Help is here! FamilyBase is supposed to help you, not make you irritated. I’m sorry that there may be issues going on with this feature. I was unclear on what you were trying to describe in your post. Not to worry, I will help get the FamilyBase troubles taken care of. Ann154, has brought up a good question. Was the alert about using your hotspot portion of your unlimited plan? I’m sending you a Private Message so that I can provide you with the personalized assistance that is needed. Please respond back to me in the Private Message to continue.


Anne154, Thank you for asking this key question!




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