Is the LG K4 compatible with Familybase?

LG K4 LTE my son has this phone.  we have been using family base for almost 2 years.  Now there is the companion version. It says his phone is not compatible? And it seems that more parents are having trouble with this new companion. How do we go back to the previous version thqt worked before some lab geek thought to fix something that wasnt broken

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Re: Is the LG K4 compatible with Familybase?
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It’s important to us that you are able to take advantage of our Family Base feature, mexicano1974 and I am happy to help you today. Let’s take a closer look at the phone to find an answer on what causing this compatibility issue.
Just for clarification, does the phone have the newest software update applied to the phone? Also, has he added any new apps to the device recently? Are you seeing the compatibility error message online or through the MyVerizon app? Please provide a few additional details and we will be ready to continue helping.

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