Keeping Control Usage feature discrete.

I've only recently placed the Control Usage feature on my daughter's Droid3 due to some concerns over "questionable" friends of hers and immediately began to read all of the negative comments regarding the discretion of this feature. One post even stated that the block was placed on the controlled phone by the account holder.  Sever questions regarding this: Will Verizon let her know that my number is the controlling number that placed the block on her phone?  Does Verizon have any way to keep her phone from being alerted to the fact that I've placed the block on her phone regarding calling or texting those numbers? And lastly, will I receive any alerts that she tried to either call or text those numbers? REALLY need some help with this one!

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Re: Keeping Control Usage feature discrete.
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I understand the importance of monitoring the usage of your child! However, there is no way to prevent the controlled number from receiving the notification. Additionally, your device will not receive a notification when the controlled device attempts to call a block number.  I would suggest monitoring the outbounds calls: to identify what calls are made. I hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if you have any additional questions on concerns.

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