Location Accuracy Beyond Typical GPS Radius

I have 3 lines working on the Family Locator System for 5 months: iPhone 8+, Samsung S7 Edge & Moto Z Droid. The Droid User lives separately from the Samsung Administrator so it is difficult to physically verify the Droid-denied Alerts as False.  Regularly, the VFL system sends the Samsung Administrator receives alerts that the Droid is out all night 30 miles away from the restricted zone at least once a week.  The Droid User swears that they never left the restricted zone at night & does not have any transportation to travel the 30 mile distance. At all other times the Droid reports accurate info when the User walks one block for breakfast, lunch, dinner & grocery shopping.  This has happened a dozen times over the past two months and usually near or at the same location 30 miles away.  The other two smartphones (Apple & Samsung) has never reported these anomalies.  Who do I believe, the Droid User or the Verizon Family Locator System? Is there another method or other locator system using the phone GPS to verify all the questionable alerts I receive from the Droid GPS signals?

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