Moto Zplay Droid and family base compatibilty

I was sold the Moto Z play Droid. And I was told the family Base would stop data. Ok so I Buy the phones and get family base. Problem was It said it was not compatible with this phone. They assured me I could still go in and limit data even though I couldn't download the companian app. So I did that. Send the phones to the grandaughters in another town. Now we have a problem. They can recieve calls and  txt problem is they can't make phone calls. I have spent days talking to support. Nothing helped. We decided to take family base off.  Phones worked fine talked to tech and he had us add it back on our account. Again they couldn't dial out calls. I have been dealing with this since Dec. So I guess mt question is. Is verizon working on this compatibility problem. Or has anyone else had this problem

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Re: Moto Zplay Droid and family base compatibilty
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Are there any outgoing restriction settings in the Calls sections of the Family Base page in your MyVerizon? What zip code does the issue occur in & What error message occurs when dialing out?