My data isn't flowing

My data isn't flowing and I don't have a familybase plan but I do have 3 lines on my account, is there a data limiter on my line that I might have set and how do I turn it off? My maps(iPhone) can't even follow me for directions and after driving in a giant circle for 20 minutes because it kept rerouting my directions I'm done, I drive on the freeway and it shows me on the street.

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Re: My data isn't flowing
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Hello ANDSEG10,

We really want to get your data flowing again, and get your GPS corrected. First, let me ask if you are using Wifi or the VZW network?

Second, unless you keep very close track of your data usage, there is no other way to turn off data use, unless you use the setting on your phone. However, please keep in mind that this setting can be turned right back on. I hope this helps

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