Not eligible for Usage Controls?



I am trying to add Usage Controls for $4.99 to one of the phones I manage. It is a BlackBerry Tour 9630. Is this a restriction based on the type of phone it is or a Verizon rule? Any help is greatly appreciated!



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Re: Not eligible for Usage Controls?
Verizon Employee

Hello way2saucy,


Usage Controls is one of the best way to manage the usage on a device. The service works on a variety of devices but there are some blackberry devices that are not compatible with usage controls. The Blackberry Bold is one of the devices that is not compatible. May I ask what action are you trying to monitor or set parameters on? If you would like to share then I can search for an alternative option to meet your needs. Another option is that you can activate another model device that is compatible with usage controls. There are other blackberries that are compatible with Usage Controls. For more information on Usage Controls, I have posted a link below for your review.


If you have any additional questions or concerns on the service or compatible devices then please reply to this message for additional assistance.


Thank you...