Not eligible for Usage Controls?

I changed my number yesterday, and suddenly I am receiving a large number of calls from debt collectors, thanks to the person who had this number before me.  When I block their numbers, they start calling as "unkown" to get around it.  I want to be able to block "unknown" numbers, but when I went to sign up for Usage Controls, it said I was not eligible (I have the Kin OneM).  What are my options for blocking restricted, private, or unkown numbers?  It's not fair that I should have to pay for someone else's bad choices in life, and I want my phone to stop ringing off the hook without having to change my number AGAIN.  Thanks!

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Re: Not eligible for Usage Controls?

Verizon should not be charging a monthly fee to block restricted calls.  Many of us have abandoned our land lines and rely solely on our cell phones.  This smacks of the same financial padding as being charged for bringing one purse too many on the airplane.  I, TOO, have started receiving RESTRICTED calls.  Having formerly worked in the television industry I intend (at least in Denver) to appeal to the television stations to do a segment on this ripoff to loyal cell phone consumers.  If anyone knows of another NON-VERIZON cell phone carrier who DOES not charge a monthly fee, please let me know.  My contract with Verizon will soon be up, and I'm on the no-nonsense program.


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