Parental Controls and Family Locator Conflict

There is a problem when setting Time Restrictions up and trying to use Family Locator. Basically, if you have time restrictions in effect, GPS-based locations don't work, and you just get the area-based location.


I've confirmed this with the following steps and have even called Support who confirmed it's a problem, but didn't know who I could talk to about it. Is there any way to report this to somebody who can actually fix it? It's frustrating. To reproduce, do this:


1) Enable time restrictions

2) Confirm that the time restrictions are in effect and that texting to numbers not on the trusted list is not possible

3) Attempt to locate the phone

4) Note that you'll get an area-based location

5) Disable time restrictions

6) Locate the phone again

7) This time, you'll get a GPS-based location


After talking with Support, it looks like the problem is that the phone must be able to send and receive text messages for the GPS-based location to work. Time Restrictions stop this from happening. Is there any way to code the restrictions so they allow the text messages used by Family Locator to always be allowed?

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Re: Parental Controls and Family Locator Conflict
Verizon Employee

Hi srlagarto,


I understand your concerns. Please note that controlled lines on Family Locator can be located and will generate Scheduled and Arrival & Departure Updates, except during time restrictions. The service is working as designed.


This service limitation is disclosed in the Usage Controls General Information webpage. To view disclosure please go to webpage and scroll down to question: Will Family Locator work with Usage Controls?