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Why ?

Why if I enabled from the Verizon support and protection app the ability to locate, lock and erase my phone on the three smartphones on my account is it utterly impossible for me to access this online.

I have been trying to navigate the utterly ridiculous and convoluted paths to access this and ultimately, was only able to access one of the devices on the account.  I was forced to click android device manager but only one phone is there.

The Verizon website for wireless and residential services too for that matter is in desperate need for real improvement.  The way it is now appears to be the result of many years of adding to an already overwhelmed and confusing maze of links and pages which take forever to load and are no longer any real use to the consumer.

I mean really, why; if I'm on, and I have my account up and I'm on the page that lists my devices, why can't I access this seemingly simple and important feature.

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Hello yegnal,

We definitely want to ensure you are able to use the Verizon Support and Protection feature when you need it most. The Verizon Support and Protection feature is managed on the individual online account for the specific number you are using it for. You cannot access the location of the other phones from a different online account. Each individual line will need to have set up its own My Verizon account.


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