Reached text limit, but can still send/receive texts?

My little brother is on my plan, which I pay for. Of course he's texting fiend, so I had to shell out for the parental controls so that I could restrict his texts to the 500 he is allotted each month.


I started this about a year ago, and I thought it was working, but last month, he was able to go over his text limit and my bill ended up being much more than it should have been. I looked at the line items, and yes, there was a significant additional charge for his extra texts. 


I double checked the parental control settings, and it is indeed set to restrict his text to a total of 500. Then WHY is he able to send and recieve additional texts? If I am paying for the privilege of being able to make he doesn't go over his limit, WHY is this happening? 


I need a resolution on this, I've already paid hundreds of additional dollars due to this ridiculous problem, I will not do it again. Also, my contract was up with Verizon in 2010 and I've not yet renewed it - if this continues happening, Verizon, we're going to have to break up! 


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Re: Reached text limit, but can still send/receive texts?
Verizon Employee

Hello ceruleanred,


I definitely understand.  If the controls are set correctly then the text limit stop should respond accordingly.  Since you have already doubled checked the settings on My Verizon please PM me with your name and mobile number so I may further assist. Thank you.