Removing Trusted Contacts Restrictions
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Wow. Not only did you not answer the question "can I just block specific number rather than only allowing certain numbers," you posted a link to a 14-page document which states that what the user wants is not possible. The trusted contacts feature is potentially dangerous; for example, my daughter became stranded in an unfamiliar location at nighttime because she and her mother were suddenly unable to exchange texts after switching to this plan. I cannot wait to leave Verizon owing to its awful customer service.

Re: Removing Trusted Contacts Restrictions
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thecarl, we always want you to receive the customer service you deserve. It is concerning you have received otherwise. We certainly would not want to lose you over this. We try to provide as many details for you as possible; for current questions as well as for future reference. We do have several blocking options: You can also make any plan changes anytime through your My Verizon account online or app: