Repeated Smart Family Issues

My Verizon Smart Family apps repeatedly fail to communicate, despite current OSs on all phones, and even after reinstalling and again pairing affected apps. Today’s problem with the app restricts me from adding a website to the Trusted Website list. I could add the same site to the Blocked Website list, as an experiment, but the website is then NOT blocked, and when I then work to add the same web address to the Trusers list, I am told the switch will be made, but then get yet another error message. That is only TODAY’s problem. Error messages routinely appear for different types of entries. This app is not worth the money we are charged. It is worth nothing, and I pay the monthly fee only because I am at the mercy of Verizon in order to best curb my children’s browsing habits.

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Re: Repeated Smart Family Issues
Verizon Employee

I regret the inconvenience you have experienced using the Smart Family service. We are dedicated to offering you products that are functional and helpful. What exactly is the error message seen? Have you tried making the same changes in the Smart Family section of the My Verizon account on a computer via My Verizon Log In | Verizon Wireless


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