Response and additional questions about Contacts on FamBase contact list
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HI there!

Well thank you soooo much CarmenT_VZW  for responding to my questions so quickly and not only that, actually having decent answers to them. I am sorry I am only responding now. I did read your reply shortly after you did but I haven't been able to get back to you until now. Link to original post: Contacts on Family Base Companion device has me wondering???

As far as the multiple VM entries answer you gave that does make sense. So it depends on whether the "tower" the VM call went thru when the call was made being either a Verizon cell tower or a different carrier could be the reason for the different VM contact entries, correct?

Next, the multiple but identical contacts is still a bit confusing but if your suggesting that they are saved in the phone itself under several accounts like, Verizon, Phone, Google or Microsoft Exchange then I can see that playing into somehow becoming several of the same contacts listed in the Family Base list.

An then finally, the blocked calls and various blocked call alias's I really wasn't expecting to find out much about them I just found it interesting how there were so many different variations of a blocked caller. As long as they block themselves then I guess they succeeded.

I do have a couple more question if you don't mind me asking, And hopefully that will be all.

1.) I had a screen shot but I can't find it anywhere so that I am able to show you just what I mean because if there was ever a need for a screenshot, this would be a good reason.

How does one get a call FROM voicemail? There is a contact that is from out of state and from time to time when there are conversations between this phone and the contact somehow the contact also shows up as a voicemail contact (0).,So when I check in what I am seeing is incoming calls from (0). The time duration of each call are always the exact amount of time as the outgoing call to the actual contact. But for some reason the incoming call back to my phone says that it is (0) calling. I've never had voicemail call me. Never. lol.

2.) Ok I'm kinda thinking that this has something to do with cell towers like the others but why not ask anyways right? How come some contacts that have and area code and the number and saved into the family base contact list somehow become an unknown contact when only the 7 digit version of the number is either called or calling? See numbers 16 and 23.


3.) OK, Last one is what is the deal a seven digit number that has +1 in front of the following the 7 digit number? The screen shot is an example of both questions 2 and 3.1plus.jpg

Thank you again for your original response that included real answers. I did not expect my questions to be answered let alone answered with much thought. I'll check back soon.

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