Restricting ALL messaging and calls with a limit

I have a teen that I want to teach moderation. I don't wnat the phone taken away but want him to learn to curb his usage. I had a very lengthy conversation with a couple Verizon people who suggested this forum as well and emailing Verizon directly with a complaint/suggestion.


I was going to use the Parental Controls and not mind the monthly fee. Then I found that I cannot limit messages to other Verizon users. My problem is that most all of my son's friends are on Verizon and he is texting too much. If he has a limit he will ration his texts. What good does the ablility to limit messages to a number when that number does not include M2M ?


The same with vioce restrictions. If I want to give him a certain amount of time on the phone and have him learn to be responsible my rationing his time his phone will still send and recieve once the minutes are reached. With in network do not count toward minutes.


Parental controls started as a way to curb high phone bills but now we have unlimited packages. Parental controls need to shift a bit and the parent needs to be able to control TOTAL talk time and TOTAL messages whether they are in or out of network. ALL messages and talk time should count to the allowance a parent gives.


What do we as parents need to do to get Verizion to hear us and make some changes to the plan so we can have more useful tools so that we can teach our kids to be proper cell phone users without being the "phone police". Children respond better when they are given limits and we allow them to have some control over how they use what they are given.


Thank you...I hope someone at Verizon responds with thoughts and ideas.

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Re: Restricting ALL messaging and calls with a limit
Verizon Employee

I have reviewed the Terms and Conditions for Usage Controls and have found nothing that would limit customers from adding other Verizon Wireless numbers to the restricted list. May I ask how you came to understand that mobile-to-mobile numbers were not eligible for restriction?