Restricting TEXTING to those NOT on "Trusted #s"

I want my teen to  be able to CALL her friends, BUT NOT  text friends.  However, I want her to continue to be able to text those people on her  "trusted #s" list. Texting is a much better way for me to touch base with her especially between classes at school.   

At the present time, if I delete texting from her plan, I can't text her either. 


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Re: Restricting TEXTING to those NOT on "Trusted #s"
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False. You may text her, but you will incur the normal per message rate. That way you know very quickly when your teen is texting because you would know what your bill is supposed to be.




P.S. School is a place to learn not text with mommy or daddy [I teach at a University - that is a different story]. My point I absolutely think kids are hurting themselves, but regardless my option for you above seems valid to me.