Smart Family App Functions Not Working
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I recently installed the Smart Family App on my phone to control usage on my son's phone, but some functions aren't working. When clicking on these functions, I get a spinning circle that goes and goes until I eventually swipe the app away. Functions not working:

Pause Internet

All Content Filters - I can click on Websites, but if I try to select Blocked or Trusted, it gives me an error (Something Went Wrong, Please Try Again); everything else gives me the spinning circle

I have tried restarting mine and my son's phones, but that isn't working. Going to be hard to use parental controls if the app isn't working. Any insight would be most helpful! Thanks! 🙂

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edie_chic, I am sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with the awesome Smart Family app. No worries, help is hear. Is this happening when you access other apps on your phone? Do you have a Wi-Fi connection?