Smart Family Blocking Feature Not Working

Last year I added a specific number to my block list on the Smart Family app. A few days later that phone number showed up on my caller id. i imagine that person also tried to text, because I got an error message saying I couldn't receive whatever they were trying to send. I let it go and didn't think twice about it until I blocked another number and again a few days later that number appeared on my caller id. What is going on with this app? Why does it block text messages and not phone calls? There should be something to fix this ASAP! What other options do we have for blocking people that doesn't involve the call going directly to voicemail? 

Re: Smart Family Blocking Feature Not Working
Customer Service Rep

We are sorry to hear that this is an issue for you. Being able to block the numbers that you have is important and we do not want this to be an issue for you. We do offer another service called our Call Filter service. This can also help with unwanted calls on your phone. To review this more please use the following link here