Smart Family Companion phone won’t work on cellular network

Ever since we added our daughter’s phone to Smart Family, her phone will only work when it  is on wifi.   It will not work on the Vz network.  She can contact her trusted contacts, but that’s it.

Our son’s phone is also on Smart Family and he does not have this problem. Perhaps our daughter changed some setting to bypass Smart Family and it backfired?  We compared her phone to our son’s and we don’t see anything that is different. 

We used Smart Family before and never had this issue.  We deleted the app for a few months, but started to use it again recently.

The only other thing that is different from our previous use of this app, is  that I got a new phone.  But that shouldn’t matter.  

We contacted Verizon  and they said they will troubleshoot her phone and fix it, then call us back.  Two agents said they would call us back the next day and we haven’t hear from either. 

Anyone else  have this problem?  


Re: Smart Family Companion phone won’t work on cellular network
Customer Service Rep

We're sorry to hear you're having trouble with Verizon Smart Family on your daughters' device, Getteshaker. This is great feature to help manage her device and we want to ensure this works properly. Just to confirm, what restrictions do you have set up for her? Have you set up any specific time restrictions?  -Danielle