Smart Family Enhancement
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I have a recommendation for the Smart Family product, as the currrent product isn't providing the service that I need.  Here is the scenario:

  • Three users, one of whom is a data hog and two of whom are not
  • Use Smart Family to set usage for the data allocation among the three users
  • When the data hog hits her limit, put her into Safety Mode (slow her down)
  • Allow the other two users to continue to use their data allocation unimpeded

Right now, the only option per my discussion with the Verizon reps is to block the data hog completely.  This is not the functionality that we need.

Re: Smart Family Enhancement
Customer Service Rep

Mfkesson, I can certainly understand wanting to see what options are available when it comes to restricting data. We greatly appreciate your feedback on possible enhancements to the Verizon Smart Family feature. Your voice is priceless to us. We will be sure to lift these concerns up to our Development Teams.