Smart Family child location not accurate
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We have two kids, each of whom has the same phone model (Samsung) and the same install of Smart Family. One of our kids' phones always updates its Smart Family location pretty much instantly and is highly accurate. Our other kid's phone updates its location in Smart Family erratically and frequently is 45 minutes or even more out of date. Refreshing frequently does not update the location, leaving us to wonder where he is. For example, my kids are currently out biking together and I can see where one is exactly with 0 minutes lag time while my other kid still shows as being at home, even though they left the house 23 minutes ago.

Wondering why we would have such different experiences with the two identical phones.

Re: Smart Family child location not accurate
Customer Service Rep

I'm sorry you are having trouble with the Smart Family app. Let's look into this together. What is the make and model of the device? Is the software up to date? Have you tried deleting and readding the application?