Smart Family is allowing data all night long
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our 13 (going on 30) year old foster daughter is on her phone past curfew. I have set the wifi router to disable her phone and laptop after 9:00PM. This works for the phone and laptop. I have also set up My Family with a Weekday schedule to disable services from 9PM - 7AM. At 11PM last night we hear her laughing up a storm. We go in and she is FaceTimeing some boy. I look at the phone, WIFI is off and she is on Verizon cell service. This shouldn't be working. Her Time Restrictions schedule is set for Everyday - 9:30PM - 8:00AM.  When I look at her phone I see she was on a FaceTime call at 10:53PM for over an hour. How is this possible? This morning I'm staring at her lock screen at 6:00AM and it is just filled up with SnapChat and TikTok notifications from the entire nite. So the restrictions are simply not working.

The Time Restrictions settings WERE working a month ago. Since that time, Verizon forced us to upgrade our cellular plan. Since then it LOOKS like it is set up but the limits and restrictions are not being adhered to when WIFI is turned off.

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Re: Smart Family is allowing data all night long
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My age might be showing, but take phone away. Verizon isn't the parent.

Re: Smart Family is allowing data all night long
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Hello, being on top of your service is vital, especially if you are having issues with your Smart Family feature. When did the problem start (did it ever work)? What recent changes have you made?