Smart family app does not see changes
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I had blocked Google Play Store on my daughter's phone when I first set it up. A month ago, I re-enabled it so I could install Spotify.  Even though it appears in the parental app as being enabled, when I try to access Play on her device it just says "Blocked by Smart Family". I contacted support, who told me they had to create a ticket and refer me to Networking support. I heard nothing for several days and then got a mysterious text message asking me to send screenshots of the parental app proving that Play Store was enabled. I duly complied and then heard nothing more for several days. Today I get another mysterious text message asking me when I had removed the restriction, and I replied. I then got messages saying they didn't have a time frame, and that they would call me to troubleshoot. I get the guy on the phone, and he tells me that it is an issue that a number of people are having and that he doesn't have an estimate as to when it will get fixed. It didn't sound like they were rushing.

What on earth? I am paying money for this service. If it doesn't work, then why are they charging money for it???

Is anyone else seeing a problem with their kids phones not seeing changes?

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Re: Smart family app does not see changes
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Help is here! I'm sorry we haven't figured out what is happening with the SmartFamily feature on your account. This is definitely important to figure out. I want to investigate this further for you. I have sent you a Private Message so that I can gather much-needed information to assist further. Please respond back to me in the Private Message to continue. Thanks!


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