Smart family: app removed texts
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I switched my son off of just kids specifically due to not getting texts to get into school items and not even being able to call his voicemail since it wasn't a "contact." I added smart family as a separate service on a different plan but now I constantly receive texts saying,  "Verizon Smart Family: Dylan's app removed. To reactivate pausing internet & filters, tap here" My son is adamant that he is not removing it. I swear, I can't win with this dang app but need it for my suicidal teenager to monitor his location 24/7. After having this app for years, why is there still such big issues with it? Stop charging money for it if you can't get it to actually work the way it's supposed to. 

Re: Smart family: app removed texts


If you needing to see the location of your son...I started using Google family link app and it keeps your child from turning off his location but there is two problems that can still happen. If he turns off his phone then the family link app can't find him or if he has a limited data plan then family link can't find him. I have my son set with a limit on hus data so if he used it all up then I just go in the Verizon smart app and increase it then go back to the Google family link app and then I can see his location but then I go back and decrease his data again. Hope this helps!