Smart family app unpaired

I added a child to a just kids line a week ago. The Verizon smart family app was working well for a week then I woke up yesterday to a text saying my childs phone was unpaired. Now when I try and log into the app it comes up with a message that my account is not eligible. I spent 4.5 hours on phone with Verizon wireless, spoke to multiple people without any resolution. The people I spoke with were very helpful, but kept saying over and over that everything was showing it was working on their side. They escalated a ticket and I was noticed via text today that my ticket was closed because nothing wrong was found. My child isn’t able to use her phone because I cannot access the app to allow contacts or change settings. I signed up for the just kids line just for this purpose. I found several people with same complaint on this group with the exact same issue but was never able to find what their resolution was. This is very frustrating!!