Terrible Roadside Assistance
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I have 2 lines on my account, both of which I signed up for roadside assistance in November 2014. In April I needed to use the service and found that my line was showing that it was not enrolled. I enrolled it then and checked about a week later, it was still showing that it was not enrolled so I obviously did it again. Later that month I needed it again and it was still showing that I was not active, I called customer service and they said that they activated it and I would have service in 48 hours. Since then I have spoken to customer service 3 times and have attempted to enroll around 7 times and I still do not have service. I just spoke to VERIZON customer service who enrolled me and hopefully that actually sticks, sadly they said there was no notes in my account history showing that I've ever called about this issue.

Lets make this 10x worse: my other line that actually did enroll has only been used 3 times out of the given 4. I've spoken with customer service about this issue as well all of those 3 times I called about the other issue. Each time they said that they could see on the account history that it had only been used 3 times and they adjusted the count to reflect that. Needed to use it yesterday (yes we have a lot of car problems) and found that mine was still not active and his was still showing as 4. I was told by the girl on the phone that she does not have the ability to look at the account history to see that its only been used 3 times and I would have to talk to customer service. ... ANOTHER ISSUE! 1) customer service isn't open on Sundays so we were screwed, and 2) the line she directed me to is the line you call when you are attempting to activate a new phone....

I'm beyond livid because this not only has actually cost me a lot of money out of pocket, but it has cost me a lot of time and unneeded stress.

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Re: Terrible Roadside Assistance
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This is a very concerning issue for sure! Please respond to my private message so we can begin to look into this for you.


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