The worst cell phone plans ever!
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We recently checked on the promotion to trade in an older phone, but could not find a decent plan that did not include several subscription services we did not need.  I did a plan comparison and could not believe the amount of extra services they were throwing in that I did NOT need while the ones I did need were not available.  Here is a run down:

DVD streaming degrades in quality with new plan.  Not that I need it, but still.  

No mobile hot spot (which I had to use recently for my kids school tablets) on new plan. 

But they want to give me Discovery +, Disney +, Arcade, Google Play, Apple Music, and Mexico, Canada, and international (don't use).  I don't need ANY of these and this is there basic plan!!!!  Not only that, but my plan would increase $100!!!!  What is Verizon thinking!!!  I do NOT need you to replace my cable.  I do not need the "Verizon Up".  I definitely do not need to spend an extra $100!  

Their Verizon up rewards is useless to me.  

We are looking elsewhere for cell plans.  I can't believe Verizon is actually offering these as our only options.  I have been a customer for over 25 years, but this is probably the worst selection I have seen from them.  

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The subscription freebies only last a year. After that, the customer is expected to pay for them in addition to their cell phone service charges. If your current (retired) plan is sufficient for your needs and you are required to switch to a new plan for the purchase promotion, don't change your service plan.


For example, I have a retired plan that works for me. I don't plan on switching to a new plan anytime soon as I don't need any of subscription freebies or 5G at this point. 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

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They offer the other freebies to compensate for the overused network. A lot of people are stupid enough to take the free packages but later learn the hard way when their data comes to a crawl. 

I live in a major metro area and 5G disappeared for good and 4G crawled at 2 to 10 MB/s. And the coverage maps are not accurate. Verizon’s map says I have 4 and 5G for miles and miles around me. 

I’ve been with Verizon since 1993 but ported my main number to T-Mobile two months ago. I get 5G everywhere at speeds of 80 to 200 MB/s. Cost- Verizon was $116 for a phone, an Apple Watch and iPad. T-Mobile now is $65 taxes included for a phone and three Apple Watches. 

I want decent cell service. I lost my free Apple Music and Discovery+ but I won’t be bribed to overpay for extremely poor cell service.