Time Restrictions every night of the week impossible?

I'm setting up Time Restrictions on my kids' phones using FamilyBase and having trouble figuring out how it's possible to have an 11PM-6AM restriction every night.

The problem is that i'm only allowed to set 10 restrictions per line and any restrictions that span midnight counts as two restrictions.  So that would mean I would need 14 restrictions to block phone usage every night.  Which appears to be impossible.

This has got to be a common enough use case for time restrictions, so I can't believe there's no way around it. 

Ideas, Verizon?


ps - why is there such a stingy limit of 10?   why a limit at all?  I can see a scenario where i want to restrict it for homework time after school and then again at night.

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Re: Time Restrictions every night of the week impossible?
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Making sure you are able to set up restrictions on your children’s phone is a must! Allow us to further investigate the details.  With family base, as you had mentioned, you are only able to set up 10 time restrictions per line.  Have you tried to set up the overnight restriction as a full bundle for the week? For example; you will have the option to select Sunday through Saturday and place the time limit from 11pm to 6am as one restriction. When you try to do this do you receive an error message?


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