Time restrictions and blocked contacts don't work

I set up time restrictions for texts and calls on my daughter's phone. No effect. She can use her phone 24/7.
I added a phone number I don't want her to call or text to her blocked contacts. No effect. She can texts or call this contact whenever she wants.

This is a joke. This service is completely unreliable.
Called tech support - another joke. They don't even know how this thing is supposed to work.

Re: Time restrictions and blocked contacts don't work
Customer Service Rep

We are so sad to hear that our Smart Family service is not working for you, Jacek1964. We certainly want you to have options when needing to restrict a family member's service. We are here to help.


We do want you to be aware that if your daughter has an iPhone, then she can still use Apple's services like iMessage and Facetime for calls. Those services are provided by Apple, so our Smart Family has no way to stop those services.


What model phone does your daughter have? Did you install the child companion app on your daughter's phone?