Unavailable unless I upgrade the phones ?

     I have 6 months left of my contract with 2 Dinc and 3 Convoy's on the account. I have had parental controls on 1 of the Convoy's for over a year now and wanted to switch it to one of the other Convoy phones (have been paying for this for a year on 1 phone). I tried to enable it on the other phone through my online account manager and it said I needed a nationwide plan (which I have always had). I contacted support and they said "no problem" and first deactivated it on my one Convoy phone then my call dropped. Upon calling back they tell me that feature is only available if I have a smart phone, I say you just took it off of my other Convoy..... She said she didn't know what to tell me but it wouldn't work with that phone or the one that they just took it off of.

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Re: Unavailable unless I upgrade the phones ?
Verizon Employee

Hi dtrfan,

Sorry you are having such a difficult time changing the parental control features for your account!  I can imagine the frustration, so I would like to assist.

If you're still unable to successfully change the features to the desired lines, please send me a direct message so I can further investigate.



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