“Unknown Caller” calls still coming through.

I just signed up for the family safeguard and controls to block calls I’m constantly getting from an “Unkown Caller”. Anytime I answer no one is there or the line disconnects so I have no idea who it is but they called up to 20 times a day. I’ve set up the restriction but the calls are still coming through. I signed up today so there is a certain amount of time that I need to wait for it to take effect?

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Re: “Unknown Caller” calls still coming through.
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No one is a fan of unwanted callers, Tdanley0906. We want to ensure you have the right blocking set for your line. Did you set up Family Base on your line and select the 'Block Restricted, Unavailable and Private Numbers' option from Controls? Is there a different feature that you added to your account?


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