Unresolved issues, hidden charges,

Since i went back w verizion it's been one thing after the other. I have documented it an one of their reps from store I purchased from went on conference call on recorded line with verizion an had given me documents of what first bill would be an how much total monthly charges to expect. He had spoke to his manager and my bill was to be adjusted He told me to expect bill to reflect 232.47 for the first bill. He agreed to take off activation fees for four phones due to all the problems. He said when I recieved the bill,  if it was not correct call him. I got the bill an it was 671. Three times more than quoted an also found out the monthly payments I had been written up for.. an quoted were not the 190 I was quoted, instead 296.   I in the past had swore to never go with verizion due to being put on an plan that didnt even have coverage in my area ..so all my calls were roaming My bill's were averaging 500.00 a month.. Then they got in all that trouble an assumed years later maybe things changed... was given incorrect monthly info an charges are way more than they were supposed to be. I was on the phone today 3 hours . Got to supervisor/ manager Sharon only to be disconnected.  Got a message sorry for the disconnect . I will momentarily call . No phone call. Still no resolve. Plz someone from verizion.. Sharon?? make this right. You have your own rep on recorded line admitting he didnt know you'll bill two months in advance an that he didnt understand where you'll got to the figures you did. My internet is like dial up an I have to connect to home internet. Plz contact me back Sharon. I was on w Foxy ov 2 and half hours then you to make ov 3 hrs today. I dont work for your  company an trusted prices I was given by your rep. I shouldn't be stuck to pay 4x's as much.