Usage Allowances Update Failed??!!

So far, I've spent 3 hours and 13 minutes trying to resolve this issue with the Verizon technical support team. I am beyond frustrated since the reason we switched to Verizon was for its FamilyBase features.

Although I have been successful in setting up 2 of the "child" phone numbers with data restrictions, I am unable to set up the same thing for a 3rd. Instead when I attempt to do so, I get the following error message when I attempt to save:

Usage Allowances Update Failed

Note that I have set up 2 other lines on this account with no problem.

In efforts to resolve this, I have:

- Logged in and out

- Had Verizon do a network reset on the line

- Used a different browser and cleared my browser cache

- Deselected and the reselected Child for that line.

I have also spent time with 3 different Verizon technical support reps, all who had me do the exact same thing to no avail.

I am beyond frustrated. Please assist. I am about to pull the plug on our 5 phone account. I can only dedicate so much time to dealing with Verizon issues.

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