Usage Controls for Individual Services

Is there any way to use the usage controls to disable a particular service, such as texting?


The reason for this is because we have a set of rules our son needs to follow, and consequences for breaking them. For minor offenses, we would like to be able to take away his texting, but not his entire phone. The way it works now, I can set a 24x7 time restriction, but it blocks everything. If I could set time restrictions on a per-service basis, that would be great.


In fact, in addition to time restrictions, checkboxes to completely disable voice or text would be great, especially if I could set an expiration date for those to automatically re-enable after a set number of days.



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Re: Usage Controls for Individual Services
Verizon Employee



Thanks for posting!  I understand the need to utilize usage controls for specific lines on your account.  I would be happy to go over options with you.


We have Call & Messaging Blocking features available, as well as Usage Control for restricting calls and texts to and from specific numbers and times of day.  I am including a link that will provide you detailed options for all of our available safeguard services below:

Verizon Safeguards


I hope I have answered your questions and addressed your concerns.

Re: Usage Controls for Individual Services

The problem is that the safeguards allow two things:


1) Time restrictions that block calls and texts to and from any number not on the trusted number list during certain time period

2) A list of numbers that can't be called or texted at any time


The problem is that you can't do this:


1) Block all texts from numbers not on the trusted number list while still allowing phone calls to non-blocked numbers

2) Block texts to and from a specific number but still allowing voice calls to and from that number


The parental controls are an all-or-nothing and block complete access to the numbers. It would be great if we could shut down texting to certain numbers but still allow voice calls.