Usage Controls were Free and now Fee

We have 4 phones on our plan and have appreciated the Usage Controls for the youngest member of our family.  The use of a cell phone is a priviledge.  In the past there has been no fee for Usage Controls.  Yesterday, we replaced the phone for the youngest family member.  While resetting all of her settings I was faced with a fee for Usage Controls and I am very unhappy the additional costs.


Fees for Usage Controls and Family Locator are not Family Friendly Fees.  If an account owner has more than one device on their account they should have the option on how this device is used.  Being able to locate the device and limit its use should be free (included in the already high bundled fee).


Verizon, you may have one of our phones for another 2 years but there are 3 other phones on this account with termination dates that are much shorther. Your actions make your company a less desirable choice.  We have been long time Verizon customers and have chosen Verizon for it's coverage area.  We use to travel and with Verizon we had coverage when we wanted it.  Costs in every part of our life continue to increase and our income has not grown.  Like many families we have seen our income reduced. Yes, we still have the luxury of owning 4 cell phones but now we realize that those 4 cell phones do not need to be Verizon cell phones.

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Re: Usage Controls were Free and now Fee
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Alright, but some companies don't even offer this serivce so you won't be able to do it at all.


I would do some research into why you have to pay now, it was my understanding it was always a cost maybe you had an old pomo or something and its just an error

Re: Usage Controls were Free and now Fee
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Hi 925,


I understand the importance of monitoring the usage of your child and would not want to lose you as a customer.  I apologize for the confusion but there has always been a fee for Usage Controls. I would be happy to review your account and identify what transpired.  


We do offer several options that are available for free, such as: Call & Message Blocking and Internet Spam Blocking.  For more details click here.  Additionally, I would love to offer you the best product we have that suits your needs.   Please advise what you would like to monitor and the type of restrictions you want in place.  At your convenience, please PM me your wireless number.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.




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