Verizon Family Base App stopped working on my phone!!!

Verizon Family Base App stopped working on my phone.  Back in September 2017, we had evacuated our home in Florida due to Hurricane Irma.  While evacuated to North Carolina I realized my Family Base app had stopped working.  I had to chat with someone to get the limits removed immediately so we could have access to our phones during this stressful time.  I have since only been able to access it via online.  I'm paying for this feature CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME MAKE IT WORK ON MY PHONE.  For some reason even setting parameters online isn't communicating to our phones!!!  I have UNINSTALLED AND INSTALLED so many times its ridiculous.  I LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM SOMEONE SOON!

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Re: Verizon Family Base App stopped working on my phone!!!
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Davlog3, I hope that everyone was safe and out of harm's way during Hurricane Irma. I know how important it was to be able to stay connected during that troubling time. We want to make sure that we do everything we can to get your Family Base App back on par. I do appreciate the steps that you've completed on your own. So we can make sure that the account is provisioned correctly, can you please respond back to the Private Message that I sent. Looking forward to working with you on getting Family Base up and running. 



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