Verizon SmartFamily, phones not sharing their location?
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 I just purchased installed Verizon SmartFamily.  We have 4 phones total.  me (account holder) with S9, my wife with S7, and 2 kids with Iphone8.


I have the app working fine on my phone so I can see the kids location.  However, my wife phone says the other 3 phones are not sharing location.

I've tried looking at settings and I can't seem to figure out to get the other share location with my wife phone.


Please help.  Thanks.

Re: Verizon SmartFamily, phones not sharing their location?
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I know the importance of being able to locate your children on the Parent phones and we will get to the bottom of this, atomarchio1. To confirm, does her number appear as an Account Manager line when reviewing the Managers in the Profile after logging into My Verizon at Is she able to use the other features in the Smart Family application to manage the lines?