Verizon Suspended My Service for an IMPORTANT MESSAGE

Today while making a call in an emergency situation verizon decided to suspend my service to give me an "important message" What was there "important message" , that I can no longer make calls outside of the United States come 2016. However, to receive this important message I had to give the account password. I am not the account holder therefore did not know the password. After scrambling and frantically searching for this password in an EMERGENCY they decided to tell me this important message. They took over my service and refused to tell me why until I gave this password. This is absolutely asinine. I DO NOT PAY FOR YOU TO INTERRUPT MY SERVICE. I also do not pay you to interrupt my service for an absolutely ridiculous message. I had an emergency and you had the audacity to take over my service when in todays world how do I even know you were an authorized representative? To my shock when I finally lifted my suspension on my service, and I called customer service no one knew this had taken place. I had to go through three people. THREE, to finally get an answer. No other representative knew this was going on. Not even in their international department. I did not know this was a communist service and you can disrupt or suspend a paying customers service. In a world where things are getting hacked and terrorism is going on and you can't tell me you are a valid representative is scary nor does your employees know this was happening. What if I was a child who was walking home and could not make a call to my parent because you did this? what if I was in a car accident and was calling 911? What if Verizon. Oh but instead of emailing, texting or sending a notice on my bill you SUSPENDED my service for this kind of IMPORTANT MESSAGE? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. Oh and then you tell me that I haven't been outside of the country in 2 years. Seeing as i'm not an international traveler I can really see why this message was so important to suspend my phone call. Thank you Verizon for becoming a communist phone company. You sure are a wonderful service. After 10 years of being a loyal customer along with my family you never seize to amaze me. Whoever's bright idea this was is basically incompetent. Think about the safety of your customers next time. Think about who's paying who for their service. I pay you. I pay you to make calls. I pay you for your service.I can't wait until you interrupt my service and suspend it again for some crazy important message. Maybe next time you'll make me give my password to tell me the weather. I'm shocked. I'm appalled. I'm disgusted. Keep on being great Verizon. I feel so safe using your service. I will never have to worry about making an important phone call again. You guys sure have my back.  Verizon Wireless Customer Support

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