Verizon smart family change primary parent
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   How do I change the primary parent on the app ?  The only roles available are primary parent and child, if I need my spouse to be the primary there does not seem to be a way to change.

Re: Verizon smart family change primary parent
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We want to make sure you are able to make changes to your smart family settings. This is a great application to have and keep track of your families usage. With regard to the process to edit or remove a role please use the following instructions here This will guide you on how to make those changes and update the parent roles for this application. Please let us know if this helps.   JasperM_VZW

Re: Verizon smart family change primary parent
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That was a useless answer and 15 other people have asked the same thing.


Re: Verizon smart family change primary parent
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That was a totally useless answer from Verizon.  I am almost positive you cannot do this from the app on your mobile device.  You need to login to your account on a computer or an internet browser on your device probably will work as well.  From there it is a breeze.  So I'm pretty confident anyone having trouble is having them because they are trying this on the app on a mobile device.

1. Login to verizon account on a computer

2. Navigate to VerizonSmart Family

3. Navigate to Settings

4.  navigate to Nicknames and Roles

5. Change your role to Primary Parent and select the name of your spouse that's always giving you grief about limiting your child's mobile access in the evening and constantly requiring you to make changes....make THAT parent the Primary Parent and take that parenting weight of your shoulders since they don';t appreciate it.