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I have the locator services through the Verizon smart family app. My children have low power battery mode on all the time and I noticed this interferes with the locator services. It does not give accurate location when they have low power battery mode on. Is there a way around this? Feels like I'm paying for a service that I cannot Use due to this. Any suggestions?

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Re: Verizon smart family locator
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I can understand your concern with always knowing where your children are, at all time. I have a teenager and I use location applications to keep tabs on him too. I apologize that the low power mode feature is preventing your children's  locations to be registered. I do not show any options or ways around this interfering with the service. Once low power mode has been activated, it will keep the most important feature of a phone up and running at the forefront. The primary point of the power saving mode is to extend your phoneʼs battery life when itʼs running low and reducing background data usage, and limiting performance. This would make any additional add-on features to become secondary to keeping power to the phone and receiving calls. Did I explain this ok?



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