Viewing Call Usage on Line

I am checking my kids phone usage on line, and noticed that several calls are showing up but no data about incoming or outgoing and no number.  Can they call using an anonymous feature and block Verizon from tracking who the other party is?  These are long phone calls.  How do I find out who they are talking to?

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Re: Viewing Call Usage on Line
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No numbers cannot be blocked from VZW as they administrate the Line Access. Sometimes it takes 24-HRS to show whether the phone call was incoming and if the call is outgoing it will show the City or City, State, or the Location in which you kid placed the call to. As I said that data can take up to and maybe slightly over a day to show up. As for the fact that there is no number in "Usage Details" if I am understanding that is what you are saying, you should contact VZW because that would have to be a server-side error on their part, but I wouldn't understand why it would just affect their account. As I said they cannot block your ability to see numbers that they are calling and the numbers that are incoming.