What Phone is Full Compatible With Family Locator?
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I am looking for a list of Verizon carried phone or approved phone that is full compatible with the Family Locator Function. Not partial compatibility that will give me just regional area, but pin point locator. I need it for a senior family member.

The whole method about checking the phone app store and if it contains Family Locator, then it is compatible is a partial false method. On the LG Exhalt, in the app store, there is the Family Locator app and I had downloaded that. But that does not give me full compatibility, only partial. I can only see regional area at best, which is a 1.5 - 2 miles radius. A bit useless in a dense city area like in Southern California.

So where can I find a list of phones that give me that full compatibility feature of it. If there isn't any and regional is the best I can get, then this feature sucks. The iPhone find my iPhone is almost pin pojnt accuracy.

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Re: What Phone is Full Compatible With Family Locator?
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knguyentu, keeping family safe is a great priority. As a family man with kids, I can relate to this concern. Could you please clarify if you can only view a 2 mile radius or when you try to zoom it only gets that close. It is supposed to even give you turn by turn direction.

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Re: What Phone is Full Compatible With Family Locator?

The accuracy of pinpoint location is a result of which location services are being used on the phone. Location services can be turned off on a phone. If that happens, the accuracy of the location provided will not be as pinpoint due to the phone only using triangulated cell towers for location. This loss of accuracy can also happen if the phone loses a lock on the GPS satellites. This can happen due to topographical features in the area blocking satellite signals(i.e. buildings, foliage, etc...) AND even happens on the almighty iPhone. I currently have 2 active iPhones on my account. These iPhones occasionally only give location accuracy of ~1 mile or less due to the same restrictions.

The LG Exalt has GPS capabilities. These capabilities can be turned on/off. IF the capabilities are turned on and it has a lock on satellites, it should give you pinpoint accuracy.