What does VPN do in family base for iphone 8+?

My son can't get on his school Wi-Fi unless he turns off the "Family Base Companion VPN".   I assume this is what does the content filters for his iphone, etc.   Right?   If he does turn it off, he has to remember to turn it back on at the end of the school day because he has to turn off "on demand" too.  Also, if he is able to turn it on and off himself then what is the point of family base?   He just goes to General, settings, and toggles it off.   It does not even notify parent that this change was mad to disable it.   So now my teenage soon can decide when he wants to be on family base and when he doesn't, what is the point in that?   This needs to be fixed.  Help.

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Re: What does VPN do in family base for iphone 8+?
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We understand how important it is to have your FamilyBase working. We're glad to help. What make/model phone do you have? When did this start?



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