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I need to know if my certain Family Members will be Notified when I set up Family Safeguards & Controls? I believe it defeats the entire purpose of monitoring their phones if they know that they are and they will just find an alternative way to do whatever they do or hopefully don't do..

If anyone knows the answer, please let me know!


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I can speak from experience, N_RYAN79. When you use Family Base, the controls that are put on, if data related, yes, they will know about when they start to reach limits. For example, if you allow 2 GB of data per line, then the child will get alerts at 75%, 90% and 95%. This actually helped my family as they learned quickly how to control data. There is no easy work around for data usage except to get on WiFi.
With Family Base you can get notifications about times they are text messaging, and will be alerted if they text after a certain time.
I am not clear on how else, you would want to monitor their phones? The text messages? Please elaborate so we can help.

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