Wifi performance issue with family child

My daughter's wifi performance has become unusable as of late with family child.  Every action on wifi takes about 45 seconds to perform.  It makes it so she can't play games or listen to music. Just skipping a song takes 45 seconds, and if she doesn't like the next one it's another 45.  If she switches to data then performance is much better, but then she is blowing through the 5GB cap on her kids plan. I know it's some VPN config issue on the Verizon side because if I unenroll her line in family kids then performance is great, but I lose all the benefits of the app.  Please look into this.

Re: Wifi performance issue with family child
Customer Service Rep

Gudio, we want your daughters device to work as it should. When you de-enrolled the line from Verizon Smart Family, did the Companion app on the phone become uninstalled as well? *Bee