Will the FamilyBase App ever be compatible with Android Marshmellow?

I have to say that this is probably the first time that I have truly been disappointed with Verizon (as a service). It was devastating to learn after giving phones as Christmas gifts to my niece and nephew that what I had hoped would be a great way to have parental control while allowing them a certain amount of freedom was not going to happen. I bought two LG K8-V phones for them for Christmas only to later discover that this marvelous App I added to my bill would not be compatible with the phones because Android Marshmellow seems to be  more than Verizon can handle. It doesn't offer much hope to see that the FamilyBase App has not been updated since 2015. Maybe it was well ahead of its time when it was originally released, but it should not have gotten lost in the shuffle. There does seem to be several people asking the same question and it appears that Verizon has yet to truly provide a direct answer. I am sure that we all know that there are features with FamilyBase that can still be used, BUT...........we wouldn't be asking this question if we were not wanting to use the features that currently CANNOT be used. Please provide us with some kind of direct answer. Is there anything in the works to upgrade the app and make it compatible? Is there a different app with the same capability being created for Android? Tell us that you are at least trying to fix this problem!

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Re: Will the FamilyBase App ever be compatible with Android Marshmellow? Is a solution being worked or a different app doing the same thing for Android Marshmellow phones?
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We want to make sure you enjoy all your features and be able to protect your family's usage. Let's get some details. I myself use FamilyBase on devices running Marshmallow and later software versions. Can you tell me what features you are trying to use that are not working properly? Is anything working with the FamilyBase feature? There could be some compatibility issues based on the device limitations.


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