familybase and wifi
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It appears that familybase, even with set restrictions for night time usage etc, does not prevent the phone from being used as long as it is connected to wifi.  As long as the phone is connected to wifi, everything can be used, even with restrictions on. 

I have combed through all the FAQ.  There is not clear answer, except for some frustrated customers saying this app is useless with wifi.

thank you.

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Re: familybase and wifi
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Thanks for you inquiry, GIO.JOAN. I understand the reasons some customers may not have considered better ways to utilize the FamilyBase App. You are correct that when the devices are not at home, it's difficult to keep them off of Wi-Fi, but there are other effective methods besides cutting the phone off completely. Did you know that in most of the smart phone settings, there are parental restrictions with a separate password know only to the person setting up the restrictions? Have you considered password control in the home? A device has to have access to your secure password in order to be able to connect to your Wi-Fi. In the future, there may be Wi-Fi controls on the FamilyBase or another Verizon app but for now, it's a great tool for monitoring and setting limits on the other devices on your account. There's also the Family Locator app which provides a GPS signal so you can keep tabs on the kiddos at all times. 

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