iphone 7 imessage circumvents family base completely?
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I have family base. My son switched from android to iphone 7. Since the switch there is no record in family base of calls or texts, except to me. He has said that he is sending texts to friends using imessage. I just want to know if he is sending texts at night.

Related question. When someone gets a new phone but keeps the same number, is there any updating to be done in Family Base?

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Re: iphone 7 imessage circumvents family base completely?
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We are so glad you reached out to us since this is a common question.

If you switch from an Android to an iPhone, simply download the FamilyBase Parent app from the Apple App Store, log in and continue using the service. Billing for the service will remain on your Verizon Wireless account.


iMessages will work a little differently since that is run by Apple and sent over their iMessage server. If his friends also have an iPhone, you will not be able to see iMessages being sent or received. https://community.verizonwireless.com/thread/834004

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Re: iphone 7 imessage circumvents family base completely?

iMessages goes through Apple and completely bypasses Verizon text messages. So yes, with an iPhone and iMessages you will not see those recorded by Verizon. It is the same as any other message service such as Facebook messages, snapchat, Instagram etc - these are all ways to communicate but bypass Verizon and thus Family Base.

You can set the iPhone to not use iMessages. However, there are other ways to communicate as above. He also will not like this since it takes away the iPhone cool factor of having the blue bubble on messages - a clear indicator you have an iPhone to your other iPhone friends.

This goes back to my oft repeated statement, that the only reliable way a parent can know what his or her child is doing on the phone is to have direct access to the phone to review. I would recommend doing this with the child present.