location services don't work
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My kids both have brand new iphone 12's and I opted to pay for SmartFamily so that I can always see their location.  Today I see my son is where he should be but my daughter is not.  Of course I freaked out to see this and immediately got on with verizon to make sure this is not just a glitch.  Well low and behold I find this forum only to see this has been an issue since 2020 and probably before.  I do understand that these are devices and things may happen but if I pay for something that I think will bring me peace of mind only to pull my hair out because it is inaccurate then I don't need it.  Shame on you verizon for offering an ineffective app.  Why does my son and daughter, who are in the same school, have different locations?  If you advertise that I will be more relaxed knowing where my children are and your app is making me upset, then shouldn't I delete it and you refund me for what I've put into this so far?  Still having the same issue after years of advertising the app is a big NO GOOD!!!  Shame on you verizon!!!

Re: location services don't work
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We are so sad to hear that our Smart Family service did not locate your child's correct location, melwill09. We know how important it is to be able to keep track of family members. We want to help in any way we can.


Do you currently have the phone that did not show the correct location with you at this time? Also, if you track the phone using Apple's Find My iPhone online at icloud.com/find